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Support Aris 9.8 SR5

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by Juan Cardona in User Support posted on 2017-05-15

Hello dear community :)

We had Aris 9.8 SR5 and we want to know the last date of support.

...And all about to ARIS 10 migration.

Thank you very much :)


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Rune Becker posted on 2017-05-15

Dear Juan,

On Software AG's customer poral Empower you can look up the product version availability as online self-service:

However, for your convenience you can find the same information on ARIS 9.8 SR5 DVD in ARIS Support and Desupport Information.pdf, located in folder .\Documents\English. In ARIS 10 that document has been renamed to ARIS Product Lifecycle Information.pdf , located on the ARIS 10 DVD in folder .\Documents\English\7 Legal and lifecycle information.

And for migrating to ARIS 10.0 please note that ARIS 10.0 requires a fresh installation, hence you need to migrate your data from ARIS 9.8 to 10.0. Please refer to the document ARIS Data Migration Guide.pdf, located on the ARIS 10 DVD in folder .\Documents\English\3 Installation\33 Migration (major version).


Juan Cardona posted on 2017-05-16

Thank you so much! :)