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Model Template and Connection Bridges in ARIS Connect

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by Seb K in ARIS in practice posted on 2017-10-17


I have 2 questions in relation to ARIS Connect and formatting models.

1. Is it possible to specify the template used for a new model in ARIS Connect? I have specified the model template to be used for new models in ARIS Architect (ARIS > Options... > For new models > Representation). When a new model is created through ARIS Architect the correct template is used. However when a new model is created by a user through ARIS Connect the deault template is used.

2. In the same vein is it possible to specify the height of connection bridges in ARIS Connect? Again I have specified this in ARIS Architect (ARIS > Options... > For new models > Connections) and it works when using ARIS Architect but not when using ARIS Connect.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Martin Schröder posted on 2017-10-18

Hello Seb,

re 1. Since release 9.8.4 the default layout template can be set by its GUID in the Connect server's defaultServerSettings.cfg , e.g.


or with arisadmin tool command:

set abs.connect.template.classicPalette.default c4bbdb20-f1d2-11e5-45d9-5cf9dd733053

For reference see Aris Release Notes.

re 2. AFAIK there is no user setting in Connect clients.

We have set connection bridges, grid etc. with Architect and offer a read-only EPC model as a template to copy by Connect Designer users (copy/paste models can be done in the repository view explorer). This gives also access to re-using common model patterns not available in Connect Designer. When a model has these display options already set they are effective for Connect Designer users as well.

Regards, Martin