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Issue with downloading software

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by Kej Tej in University Relations posted on 2017-05-16


I tried several times do download educational version of aris, but each time I get following error:

We are very sorry, but due to a technical infrastructure problem, we are currently unable to send you a license key. Please try again later. An administrator has been informed.

It happens both for me and a friend of mine from other university. Both universities are registered.

Is it a known issue? Does anyone else encounter the same problem? When will it be resolved?

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Kai-Hendrik Pots posted on 2017-05-29

Hello Kej Tej,

Unfortunately we forced a few problems in our delivery process. These problems should be solved now and the download is working again. We like to apologize for any inconvenience.


Best Regards


WILSON GOMES posted on 2017-08-08

Hello, I am unable to download the software. it days access denied, even though I have registed my university in the database. Can you check if there is any issue?

Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2017-08-08

Dear Wilson Gomes,

You University was not registered with us. It has been registered now. Please try to download ARIS again.