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ARIS data protection /data security

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by Sara Th in ARIS Express posted on 2017-10-31

Hello everybody,

I want to use ARIS Express in my company to model business processes... but my boss has some protection /data security concerns.

Where could I find information about that topic on the aris website?


Thanks a lot in advance.

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Nikita Martyanov posted on 2017-10-31


Since ARIS Express is a free product, it's distributed AS IS (no warranty), I suppose.

As I know there is no ARIS DB in ARIS Express. All models are stored in separate files on the disk. That's why data protection depends on how your disk is secured.

BR, Nikita

Sara Th posted on 2017-10-31

Hello Mr Martyanov,

thanks for your reply. But I am interested any way, if there is any communication between ARIS Express and your server? For an example that ARIS Express send information to you which process has been created.

Nikita Martyanov posted on 2017-10-31

It's not my server. It's a server of Software AG. I'm not in the support team, you can see it in my profile))

As I know for the first run of ARIS Express you need Internet connection to register product. Only for the first run. And after that it's possible to change settings on the OS level to disable connection (data transfer) for particular application. I suppose this workaround can help not to be afraid of data leak.

BR, Nikita

Miro Goepel posted on 2017-10-31


as Nikita pointed out correctly, the only communication between ARIS Express and an external source, which is the ARIS Community server, takes place during the installation and registration process of ARIS Express. The transferred data consists of the login credentials to make sure that the registering user has a valid user account at ARIS Community, which is part of the Terms of Use of ARIS Express.


I've moved the thread from the ARIS Cloud forum to the ARIS Express forum.

Frank Weyand posted on 2017-11-02

Hi Sara,

just let me point out that you can "password protect" your adf-files...