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Question about BPMN

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by Piet Pieters in BPMN posted on 2017-06-30


I have a question about BPMN.

Is it possible to reference within a procesflow to another process? I know that it's possible to use subprocesses, but I'm curious if it's also possible to reference in a BPMN procesflow to another BPMN procesflow. Could you also say me how I can do this? 

I hope one of you can help me out. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Gilbert Lee posted on 2017-07-03

Hi Piet:

In cases where you may document one process and it links to another process off-page, you can use an Intermediate throwing link event. I have used this in situations where, as part of a large team, I am assigned to model a process that links to another process model that someone else is doing. It is inevitable that you run into these situations in large scale or complex process modeling efforts or organizations and the need to link a process flow to another arises.

If the off-page process is triggered by your process , then it is no longer a link, but simply a matter of ending process model "A" with a message or similar end trigger and noting/naming the end event appropriately: i. e. " Message sent to process "B", Process complete".

Hope this helps.