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by Lucienne van Hilten in User Support posted on 2017-03-24

We are using ARIS Connect for stakeholders to provide feedback on the developed models.

The process around that is when the modelers asks the stakeholders for feedback the modelers make sure they follow the model on Connect to see the comments that are made in Connect on the model.

So far so good.

But the database holds other models as well and they get published (as the whole database gets published) and most of these models don’t get followed. So there is no signal to anybody that a comment has been made on the process.

Is there a way in ARIS Connect to get an overview of all comments made on all the models out of the publication - followed or not. To ensure that all comments get seen and get a response?

Or does anybody have an idea for a work around other then making sure all models are followed?

Thank you


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André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2017-03-28

Hi Lucienne,

As adminitrator you can go to "Collaboration Tab", then choose "All company feed" and will see all commentaries from all users to all models..
I will investigate if there is an option to optimize this but in general this is the simple way to see these commentaries...




Lucienne van Hilten posted on 2017-03-29

Thank you Andre - I will set up the process around using this script.

Rune Becker posted on 2017-04-26

With ARIS 10.0 and the privilege Collaboration administrator you could export that data.