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by Lucienne van Hilten in User Support posted on 2017-03-24

When using ARIS Connect - all content out of the database gets published - it there a way of excluding content from the publication? via an attribute, via an assignment structure, via folder structure?

Thank you

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Roy de Vries posted on 2017-03-24

Hi Lucienne,

If this is model type based the connect configuration can help you leave out certain types of models. Removing specific models is by my knowledge only possible when authorizations are not applied to the groups where the models are located.

Having a connect configuration and navigation based on the assignment structure and a group structure to limit what people see is in my opinion the most powerfull and flexible way of using connect.

Hopefully this answers your question.


Lucienne van Hilten posted on 2017-03-29

Thank you Roy - I will try how that can work for us.