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Deactivate or STOP Unused Runnable

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by Marco Pisani in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-07-05

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to optimize the Connect Server 9.8.2 performance and I've seen in the Aris Server Installation and Administration Guide (section Shut down runnables) that:

"You can stop those runnables that are not necessarily needed to ensure more memory for the system"

My Connect / Design Server use a MSSQL Database, can I stop postgres_m and postgresECP_m runnables?

And whats the rule of the simulation runnable? Can I stop it, if I don't use this features?






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Ana Sequeira posted on 2017-07-05

Hello Marco, 

The information you are looking for can be found in the document "ARIS_Server_Installation_and_Administration_Guide.pdf" in the empower documentation server, in the topic, RUNNABLES OF ALL ARIS SERVERS.

The answer to your question is yes, some of runnables can be stopped if not needed.

For the ones you ask in specific, here is some information about those:

postgres_m - Modeling database -  Internal standard database system storing all ARIS databases (modeling data) and the system databases (ARIS method, filters, templates, languages, fonts, font formats and script data). This database can be replaced by an external Oracle® or Microsoft® SQL database.

postgresECP_m -  Collaboration - database Internal database handling Collaboration content available in ARIS Connect.

simulation_m -  Simulation - Server component of the simulation functionality in ARIS Architect


Martin Schröder posted on 2017-07-06

Hello Marco, 

I discussed the same question with SAG support for 9.8.2.

Re. dependant runnables

They said: "Runnables belonging to "infrastructure" (elastic, couchdb, adsadmin, cloudsearch, umcadmin) may not be deactivated, whereas simulation or octopus (= analysis server) are expendable"

=> Although I did not want to use ARIS document storage adsadmin must run.

Even if support did not mention it, I know from other sources that postgresECP (portal + collaboration database) is not replaced by external DBMS (MS-SQL or Oracle). Those are used only for the model DB.

If you stop your unneeded runnables manually one by one, they will be started again whenever the ARIS Cloud Agent service starts, because all runnables have an autostart flag set by default.

In order to avoid this in ARIS 9.8.2  you need to change the autostart behaviour for every runnable.
As of release 9.8.6 there are new ACC commands to deactivate or delete runnables permanently (cf. server admin guide)

Config changes for 9.8.2 to deactivate autostart of simulation on start of ARIS AGENT SERVICE

(ref.: Empower KB article 1759421)

# initial state: ALL runnables are STARTED

# run ACC console, display current config
ACC+ localhost>show cfg verbose

# change default autostart.mode=off to autostart.flag
# this forces ARIS Cloud agent to evaluate autostart flag of each runnable
set autostart.mode=autostart.flag

# default is autostart.only.if.all.stopped=true
# = If a single runnable is not in status "stopped" during reboot then the runnables are NOT started automatically
# change to false, in order to start runnables in status "UNKNOWN"
set autostart.only.if.all.stopped=false

# set auto-start flag=true for desired runnables and false for simulation
set zoo_m property autostart="true"
set postgres_m property autostart="true"
set postgresECP_m property autostart="true"
set couchdb_m property autostart="true"
set cloudsearch_m property autostart="true"
set elastic_m property autostart="true"
set adsadmin_m property autostart="true"
set umcadmin_m property autostart="true"
set loadbalancer_m property autostart="true"
set abs_m property autostart="true"
set apg_m property autostart="true"
set copernicus_m property autostart="true"
set octopus_m property autostart="true"
set ecp_m property autostart="true"

set simulation_m property autostart="false"

# activate the config change by stopping all runnables

Then stop and start ARIS AGENT service
=> all runnables except simulation should be started automatically.

Please note that these changes should be reverted before you install an update, because then all runnables should be running.

One hurdle remains: If you use ACC startall interactively (not by restarting ARIS Agent service) it ignores the autostart flag 8-((

Regards, Martin