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i'm trying to install aris 9.8 client with local standard database system. Following the instruction manual this is what i do:

1. Copy the directories ARIS_Client and Setup_Data from cd to my pc

2. From the folder in my pc I run setup.exe /r /f1"c:\iss\setup.iss" to get the setup.iss file

3. Installshield wizard starts and i choose to install all products and i choose the option to install with local standard database system. I give the installer the license zip file too.

4. setup completes successfully and if i run architect and designer, it prompts for the LOCAL connection, which is what i expect.

5. Now i put the setup.iss file in the aris_client folder, uninstall aris client, delete the c:\users\xxx\aris90 folder

6. i put the following silent.txt file in the aris_client folder


7. i run setup.exe -s silent

8. setup runs in silent mode but when it finishes, i get all aris product installed but no local standard database system. Actually if i go into c:\aris\aris9.8\localserver folder, i only have the logs folder. If i run architect and designer, LOCAL connection window no longer pup up.

What's wrong?

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