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ARIS Report: Get character based format of an Excel cell

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by Mirco Dohmann in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-06-06

Hi there,

i have a cell in Excel which contains for example the value „true, false“ and only the „true“-part of the cell is formatted with an underline (that’s how you format default output entries in DMN decision tables, see uploaded screenshot). How can my report detect this special part-formatting of an Excel cell?

I only found this to get the format oft the whole cell, but i need it character based:


var oCell = oSheet.getCell(nRow, nColumn);

var nFont = oCell.getCellStyle().getFontIndex();



nFont is 12 if the whole cell ist formatted underline, else 7. I although want to create this character based formatting with ARIS in one Excel cell.

Any help would be appreciated.

Torsten Haase posted on 2017-06-22

Hi Mirco,
this is not possible yet. The report output API has been mainly designed to write output files with less attention to its reading capabilities. The functionality you need would be possible to be realized for xlsx file format. Please add a feature request for this issue.

Thanks & BR,

Mirco Dohmann posted on 2017-06-26

Hi Torsten,

okay, I'll create a feature request. Thanks for your reply!