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Starting local server after a restart

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by Mirza Sehovic in Professional ARIS posted on 2018-01-02

Dear ARIS experts,

I had just started ARIS last night for the first time and it was working fine. Then I put my laptop into Sleep mode, turned it on this morning, had some problems with the laptop itself, and restarted it using power button. Now I cannot open ARIS anymore, the local server won't start.

What can/should I do?

Many thanks!

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André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2018-01-11

Hi Mirza,

Looks like that your local was crashed... try to run the setup again and choose the option 'repair' to fix any issue with your installation... even continue getting some issue to start, check if you have enough memory/processor to run the ARIS local. The documentation 'ARIS Platform Matrix' has the requirements to use the ARIS  or if you're running the ARIS 10x can check the ARIS requirements documentation...



Halil ince posted on 2018-01-15

Hey Andre, i worked about 6 weeks with ARIS 10, but now i have got a problem, my Local Server wont Load?


i wont Reinstall Aris.. i have have spend to many time with Aris..

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Rune Becker posted on 2018-01-15

Did you put your laptop in standby/hibernate mode while ARIS was still running?

Did you try to run the setup option "Repair"?