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ARIS 9.8 SR6 after updating from SR4 I cannot publish

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by Milan Slivka in User Support posted on 2016-11-01


has anyone experiencing problems with publishing the content on ARIS Publisher in SR6?

I can access previously published content but I cannot publish new/update existing as there is not list of existing publisher exports as well if I test the connection while adding the publisher server I get message that server does not exist!



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Tony Iliev posted on 2016-11-02

Hello Milan,

Can you please provide more details? I assume that you've performed an update, so I'm not sure whether you got access to the previously created Publisher exports in the ARIS Architect Administration, or in the Publisher itself? Are the published databases still exist on the Design server?


Martin Schröder posted on 2016-11-02

Hello Milan,

does your Publisher server listen on the ARIS default port (19990 as far as i can remember) or did you change it?

I had a similar problem establishing the connection from Connect/Design Server to Publisher and was advised by SAG support to change a Design Server property (port 80 as an example):

  • Open the ARIS Server Administrator tool and connect to your ARIS server
  • Enter the following command: set abs.bp.port 80
  • The setting will become active instantly

This way of config change will not be overwritten by an update installation of ARIS, whereas manually editing the corresponding file


is "unsafe".

Regards, Martin

CHETHAN RAO posted on 2016-11-25

Hi Milan, 

Did you find the solution for this issue?

I am also facing the same issue when updated from ARIS 9.8 SR2 to 9.8 SR6. It would be helpful if you can give me the solution if it is resolved for you.



Chethan Rao.

Giuseppe Spucches posted on 2017-04-03

Hello Milan,

Same issue by upgrading from Aris 9.8 to SR6. Hopefully someone will help

Giuseppe Spucches posted on 2017-04-04


I hat the help of softwareag support.

you have to change in <InstDir>\server\bin\work\work_businesspublisher_<s,m,l>\base\webapps\businesspublisher\WEB-INF\web.xml


replace by

             <param-name>allowedClasses </param-name>

restart the bublisher server