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Script format text in symbols

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by Michael Renner in Reports & Macros posted on 2016-12-06

I would like to write a macro to resize symbols to fully encompass their text. I know this can be done with Format^Representation^Text attributes in symbol set to "Resize Symbol" from the Properties screen.

I have many models that have text extending beyond their symbol and an automated way to fix this would be very useful.

Does anyone know if this functionality is available programmatically in javascript? If anyone can give me a hint, that would be great.



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Szymon Sobkowiak posted on 2016-12-09


You need to know if symbol size will be changed - diagrams can be messed up.

I think better way to show all text of object name is using 'text over symbol' (or similar - I use localized ARIS)

You need to put linebreaks in name in this case. Check manualy what string size you need to break using breakline.

Best Regards

Szymon Sobkowiak

Michael Renner posted on 2016-12-09

Thanks Szymon.

For my interest I would like to format models that were automatically added with a script, so their graphical ordering is not so pretty to begin with. That is why I would like to "Resize Symbol".

This raises another question, is it generally possible to script any activity in ARIS that you can select through the UI? Or are scriptable functions a subset of the whole?

Michael Renner