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Import Excel Sheet in ARIS 9.8

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by Mohamed Awaad in ARIS in practice posted on 2016-12-02


I'm trying to import many objects data in excel sheet but i don't know true filling structure for success importing.

thanks in advance for your collaboration

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Martin Schröder posted on 2016-12-12

Hello Mohamed,

this can be done with two reports

  • Create template for data import
  • Import data in Excel format

(cf. AB Architect help page <yourservername.dom>/abs/help/en/handling/ba/index.htm#33190.htm )

Regards, Martin

Mohamed Awaad posted on 2017-01-05

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your reply, could you please explain how to fill report "create template for import" to insert data of "Application system type" object as an example.

Regards, Mohamed

Subash A posted on 2017-10-12

HI Martin,

    We are using ARIS 10 in our organisation and I see the above mentioned reports are not available in Architect. Could you please let me know, if there are any license requirement to use the same?



Rune Becker posted on 2017-10-12

The both report scripts (Create template for data import, Import data in Excel format) are located in Architect tab Administration/Evaluations/Reports/Standard. There's no extra license needed.


Subash A posted on 2017-10-16

Hi Rune and Community,

    Has anyone tried to import an excel for BPMN collaboration diagram 2.0. I am having a hard time placing the objects inside lanes created with this template.

Output expected as below(without connections though) - attached screeshot

Output after import- attached screenshot

Attaching the excel used to import. Requesting help to correct me on the approach.

Key questions,

1. My import not placing objects in respective lanes.?

2. Anyway to remove the object in 1st hierrarchy, which is also supposed to act as model name?


Thanks in advance for the help,



M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-10-16

Hello Subash,

that report works for any hierarchical type of models. You can create a large number of models in one go and import large numbers of objects with their attributes at definition level. However it was never designed for the object placement restrictions in BPMN models. You may have noticed, that you have no possibility to design the process flow at the same time as the assignment of objects to the Lane objects.

Before you decide to write a smarter report - give a short consideration, why Microsoft never sold Excel as a BPMN modelling tool: BPMN simply does not follow any table structure. The native format is the BPMN xml format. That can be imported perfectly into ARIS.

So if you have BPMN models in a different BPMN conformant tool, don't waste your time with Excel but import the BPMN files directly.

If you have heaps of objects documented elsewhere, that you want to use in BPMN models, use the Excel import to load them into ARIS and use them in BPMN modelling.

If you created everything from scratch in Excel: Do yourself a favour and model directly in ARIS.

Best regards, M. Zschuckelt

Subash A posted on 2017-10-26

Hello M. Zschuckelt,

     Thanks for the reply. This ends my search on how to import models into ARIS from excel. Since there were lot of enquires with process acivities captured in excel and be imported to ARIS directly, I just want to make sure, whether it can/ cannot be done.




M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-10-27

Hello Subash,

so the answer is yes, you can. Just don't expect to get laid-out models, but you can load the activities with their attributes (descriptions, cost rates or whatever) into ARIS using the Excel import. Then you have a "library" of activities to choose from during modelling the BPMN and you have all the documentation associated with them in ARIS.

Best regards, M. Zschuckelt