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ARIS 9 user management for APG

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by Mark Straathof in Administration & User Management posted on 2016-10-07

I have a few questions around user mgt for ARIS 9 APG?

  • Is there a general description/instruction anywhere?
  • Where is the function 'update central user management' that was available in an org chart in ARIS 7 Governance Automation database to update the Central User Management?
  • Where can I find the attribute 'consider user group association from user management'? Should be in a role object, but where?






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Srinivas CH posted on 2016-10-14

Hi Mark,

Please find answers for your question below:

1. Please go through the documents that are available in the ARIS setup folder. You can also use "Help" section for more details.

2. Open your Organizational chart, and you can "Governane" tab, and you have an option called "Process preparation" in that tab, if you goto the drop down list you can see the "Update Organization chart" option there

3. You can find the attribute in "Process Automation" attribute group

Best Regards,