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Consuming web service by Aris 7.2 report script

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by maggiu pennarola in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-05-28

Is it possibile to invoke a web service from Aris 7.2 report script?

I built a jar of a soap client, saved it in lib folder, but when I try to instantiate the class

(var proxy = new Packages.myclass.myclass()),

a noClasspathFoundError error occurs.

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maggiu pennarola posted on 2017-05-28

Errata corrige: the error type is: noClassDefFoundError

maggiu pennarola posted on 2017-05-28

Resolved. The default axis.jar was an older version that the one I used in my soap client. I substitute it with the new one and I'm able to invoke the web service.