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Improving Customer Experience with ARIS!

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by Nicolas Lichtenberger in ARIS BPM Blog posted on 2016-02-25

Dear all,

During the last fall, Eva Klein, Cecilia Karle and I, we wrote a few postings about the newest Customer Experience Management capabilities of ARIS giving a fast and simple introduction to the topic. 

But there is a lot of unspoken content, and we want to sensitize and proselytize you to the necessity and potential of customer journey mapping. That`s why we wrote additional white papers. 

Sharp your mind for one of the most valuable customer service trends 2016 and check out the MWD Advisors` white paper "Giving Customer Journeys the Respect they Deserve" and Software AG`s  "Improving Customer Experience with ARIS" to gain deeper insights.

Best regards


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Anastasia Martynenko posted on 2016-03-01

Nicolas, hello!

Please describe how You've displayed/ added icons of traffic lights, paint points and moments of truth on the model?

There are no such symbols on the symbol panel. And when we set the corresponding attributes the are no changes as well.

What have we do to get  traffic lights, paint points and moments of truth pictures on the CXM ARIS models?

Best regards, Anastasia

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Nicolas Lichtenberger posted on 2016-03-01

Dear Anastasia,

you don´t have to set the symbols by yourself. Just activate the template "Customer Experience Management" for the whole model. You´ll find it within the rider Format. Then the symbols are faded-in automatically when you maintain the attributes.

Activate the bool attributes of Moments of Truth, Pain Points and Best Practice for their corresponding touchpoint symbols.

Maintain the business driver impact on transformation to fade in the traffic lights to the journey steps respectively journeys.

Hope I could help. If not, don´t hesitate to ask.




Anastasia Martynenko posted on 2016-03-01

Thank You very much, Nicolas!!

It's great!! :)

Best regards, Anastasia


Nicolas Lichtenberger posted on 2016-03-01

You´re welcome...

Jan Hedrich posted on 2016-06-20

Dear Nicolas,

I have just read Software AG's white paper regarding Customer Experience Management with ARIS and I am wondering to which of the five views within the ARIS concept / house the four new CEX related model types belong to. Do they all belong to the control view?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Nicolas Lichtenberger posted on 2016-06-20

Dear Jan,

as the most important model type of the CXM methodology might be the Customer Journey Map i would recommend to put the CXM related models into the process area. Whether you create a specific customer journey district or you include it within the business processes will depend on your own preference.

In the event you have more questions, don´t hesitate to ask. I am happy to talk or discuss about this topic.

Best regards