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Removing attributes of process and functions

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by Nilesh Pawar in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-03-15

Good Morning,

I want to know following about attributes while using ARIS architect :

1. how can i remove the attributes added to process or function?

2. How to add attributes or remove attribute to single process of function ?

whenever i add attribute to one process (Detail process Diagram), the same attribute is available to all the processes.

i want to remove few attributes, Could any one suggest some way to do so?  

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M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-03-15

You have to distinguish, if you want to delete the contents of the attribute or if you don't want to see the attribute in the Properties window.

Deleting the contents of the attribute: Edit the attribute, select all text, press <DEL> and <ENTER> (or CTRL+ENTER, depending on your client setting) Boolean attributes have 3 states: true, false and "not maintained" (grey square in the box).

Removing attributes from the Properties window: This is a client setting: A different user may see a different set of attributes there. To remove attributes from your view: In the context menu of the edit area of the attribute select "Hide" and then "if not maintained" or "always".

Another way of hiding attributes permanently: Remove them from the method filter. This does not delete the attributes from the objects, but you don't see them any more and they are not available for editing, not even with "More attributes..." button. If you want to hide some attributes from some target group, make sure they have to work with a different filter that does not contain those attributes.

Regards, M. Zschuckelt

Nilesh Pawar posted on 2017-03-17

thanks alot !