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Mashzone Nextgen Business Analytics

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by Hendrik Ohler in MashZone posted on 2016-08-10


I have a question about the new product Mashzone Nextgen Business Analytics. Is it possible to integrate this with ARIS 9.7 and is there a tutorial about this new Mashzone?


Kind regards,


Hendrik Ohler

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Rune Becker posted on 2016-09-06

Dear Hendrik,

Currently, an integration between ARIS and MashZone NextGen is planned for next year's ARIS major release for April 2017.

Please note that MashZone NextGen Business Analytics has a dedicated forum on Software AG's TECHcommunity:

We continue discussing here only about MashZone Legacy, version 9.9 or earlier. It's successor, MashZone NextGen 9.10, is meant to be discussed on the TECHcommunity. I will have this MashZone's page updated soon.


Hendrik Ohler posted on 2016-12-23

Thank you Rune, i'll use that forum next time.

Bernd Ziegler posted on 2016-11-18


in the meantime we relaesed MashZone NextGen 9.12 and we implemented a migration path between MashZone Legacy ( former MashZone) and MashZone NextGen. In the Empower Portal you can find more information about that., see






Michael Idengren posted on 2017-04-04

Hi Bernd,

Thanks, I have seen that guide, and still have some questions.  We are currently. using old Mashzone to pull queries from ARIS 9.8.3 and present the results in the datafeed.

  • I see conversion (migration) options for data feeds, but not dashboards.  Do dashboards have to be manually re-created?  Or do I just “import the mzp” of an exported dashboard, without any migration?
  • I see there is support for an “ARIS Table” data source, but in the migration guide, it says:
    • The following MashZone legacy operators and features are currently not supported in Business Analytics data feeds. 

      • Source locations
        ARIS Design Server
        Google Docs
        Uploaded files 
    • Does that mean I cannot use ARIS data feeds?  I don’t understand why it says “ARIS Design Server” is not supported, but “ARIS Table” is supported:We specifically use Queries in ARIS, and connect Mashzone to the output of those queries.  This is what I need to do, is that supported?

* Server install question - Can Mashzone NextGen be installed “on top of” the old Mashzone installation, or should it get its own clean installation folder?

* If it gets its own clean installation folder, can MZ NextGen and MZ “oldgen” run on the same server?

* Can MZ NextGen run on the same server as ARIS?

Hendrik Ohler posted on 2017-01-17

Thank you for your comments.

Kind  regards,