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ARIS: Server Backup

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by Darja Osipova in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-11-03


is there a best practice available with the topic: back up a design and publisher server with a running ARIS 10.x version on it?

Besides, are two server still necessary, or is it possible to install ARIS Design and ARIS Publisher on one maschine?


Thanks in advance



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Rune Becker posted on 2017-11-03

Dear Darja,

Are you about to migrate from ARIS 9 to ARIS 10? Then I'd like to recommend you requesting a migration service from Global Consulting Services at Software AG, particularly when your Publisher is customized.

Due to expected performance issues a productive environment should separate Design Server and Publisher Server physically.


Darja Osipova posted on 2017-11-03

Thanks Rune!
Yeah, I guess it is advisable to contact Software AG.

Regarding the back up... I meant regularly back up after upgrading ARIS.

Nikita Martyanov posted on 2017-11-03

Dear Darja,

Best practice for backups is scheduled tasks (crontab for Unix). Do it once and forget about backups.
You can use batch file (Windows) or shell script (Unix) to automate these actions. Details are in the Installation and Administration Guide. You can also find examples of .bat and .sh files on the server.
And one more advice: do back up your data to another server or better to two servers.

BR, Nikita

Darja Osipova posted on 2017-11-06

Thanks Nikita.

One more question...The automated backup covers just ARIS or operation system of the virtual maschine, too?

Thanks in advance 




Nikita Martyanov posted on 2017-11-06


I meant the situation when you need to backup ARIS data (databases, filters, configurations etc). It takes a little time to backup and a little time to restore. You also can restore particular model, using xml, if you need to restore just one model that user deleted accidentally. My previous post describes ARIS backups methods only.

There are two other options:
1) backups on the DBMS level. It means to do backups with for example MS SQL or Oracle databases internal instruments. I don't know what for, maybe for more reliability. It can be useful after big crashes.
2) backups on the OS level (virtual machine). It takes a lot of time to backup and also a lot of time to restore. But it also can be useful after big crashes.

Combine all three variants and you'll get very reliable system.

BR, Nikita

Darja Osipova posted on 2017-11-07

Thanks, Nikita.

Best regards