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Quick migration from 9.8 to 10... ?

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by Pierre-Alain MILLET in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-07-21


Looking on ARIS10 to evaluate a migration from 9.8 in our academic context, i'm surprised with the documentation folder "33 Migration (major version)". There are 9 docs, and 4 of them which seems to be useful in our context...

- ARIS Cloud Controller (ACC) Command-Line Tool

- ARIS Data Migration Guide

- ARIS Server Administrator Command-Line Tool

- ARIS User Management Command-Line Tool

Do we have to read and understand all of them, or do we have a chance to make a quick migration running one script and answering a few number of questions... keeping our tenants, setup for LDAP sync, ur databases and scripts... ???




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Rune Becker posted on 2017-07-21

Dear pam,

In ARIS 9.8 we had a 354 pages strong ARIS Server Installation and Administration Guide. In ARIS 10 we have split that document in much smaller use case-driven parts.

On top we have sorted those and many other documents into a folder structure that represents typical deployment scenarios, explained in detail in ARIS Guidelines for the Usage of Technical Documents.

In your case, migrating to a major version, the proposed documents in the respective folder might help you during for your migration, but not necessarily all needed. That depends on the type of installation you have: single node/computer or multi-node/spread across several computers. The latter counts also for the prior phase, a fresh ARIS 10 installation (see folder "312 Server").

BTW: ARIS 10.0 SR1 is out since last week. You should consider migrating to 10.0.1 instead of 10.0 GA as of April.