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Impossible to publish bases in ARIS connect portal...

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by Pierre-Alain MILLET in ARIS in practice posted on 2017-10-11


A blocking issue when trying to publish bases on the portal

In ARIS Connect, I have a red alarm on the left of my name... in french "Aucune donnée n'a été publiée..Veuillez faire publier une base de données par votre administrateur."... in english something like "no data has been published, ask your administrator to publish a database..."

and in the content folder the message " Le service n'est pas disponible. Veuillez mettre à jour la page. Veuillez contacter votre administrateur si le problème persiste. " ... service is unavailable, refresh the page, contact your administrator..."

I tried to publish a database with a user having all rights... but no effect... ?

Is there some conditions to publish a database  ?







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Pierre-Alain MILLET posted on 2017-10-11

Checking function provileges required 'in french), i have a doubt on the required one.. "publisher administrator" or "publishing administrator"

After reading english version, The privilege required to publish the correct version of bases in my understanding is "publishing administrator " (publisher administrator is more for ARIS Publisher...)

In my situation i confirm i have the right "publishing administrator"...


Rune Becker posted on 2017-10-12

Dear pam,

Did you publish a database via this page http://localhost/#default/adminSettings?

And does your user account have access to that database?


Pierre-Alain MILLET posted on 2017-10-17

Dear rune,

the URL is correct (in my case,

the user (system) has rights on all database...

but nothing happens when clicking on "apply"...




Rune Becker posted on 2017-10-17

I can't investigate deeper with only this information. I suggest you open a support ticket via Empower or phone.


Pierre-Alain MILLET posted on 2017-10-18

thanks rune,

but unfortunately in my understanding, academic users do not have rights to open a support ticket... ?

I reopen the case in university forum...  and i spend time in log files...




Rune Becker posted on 2017-10-18

OK, let's move over to UR forum, and I'll try to handle that it from there.

Pierre-Alain MILLET posted on 2017-10-18


I have to apologize.. it was so simple !

On my screen, the case to select database was not visible.. so i tried to apply with no databases selected...

The css used is gracefull but a little more contrasted would be nice...!