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How to link data from different models

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by Paula Afonso in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-11-28


Is it possible to connect the data created for an organizational chart into a BPMN model?

I would like to connect the role or position created in the organtizational chart into the resources information for each activity.


In the same away, is it possible to link different models, for example, a business process with bpmn?






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Louise McDonagh posted on 2017-12-01

I need this too for Aris Cloud Advanced  as I need to link epcs together.



M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-12-02

Hello Paula and Louise,

the answer is always yes, that is the whole purpose of the exercise. The BPMN standard notation is not concerned with organizational modelling at all (see chapter 7.2 of the BPMN spec, which states that this is explicitly out of scope of BPMN). But of course there are several options.

An ARIS standard feature is the concept of "assigning" a model to an object. This way you "zoom in" on an object and explain it in more detail. ARIS uses this concept to model BPMN subprocess models in a BPMN Process Diagram. What I suggest to link your process tasks to the roles of your organizational model is this:

Assign a "Function allocation diagram" to each task. There you can add the roles (or positions or whatever you like) from your organizational model and connect them to the task, using the RACI relationships or more. Use the search to find threads with suggestions which connections types to use for RACI.

If you want to visualize the roles in BPMN directly, it is a good convention to use Lanes for roles. The BPMN standard does not prescribe this - your interpretation of Lanes is free. ARIS offers "Enterprise BPMN" model type, which is essentially an extension to BPMN collaboration diagrams. It allows you to create Lanes of type "Role" (and some other types) directly, so the Lane actually "is" an occurrence of your role object from the organizational chart. Tasks you place in that Lane will automatically be connected to the Role with a "carries out" connection.

Linking a business process with BPMN: As you differentiate this, I assume you mean an EPC type model representing the business view of a process and a BPMN process as the solution design view for implementing the process. Yes, you can even create a BPMN type model from an EPC to get a starting point for your solution design that is aligned with the EPC. I think there should even be tutorials for this use-case.

Linking EPCs: That is basic functionality: Use a "Process interface" symbol for an occurrence copy of the other process' VAC object in order to link two processes at the same level. If you want to describe processes at different levels of detail, assign the detailed process to the function object of the superior process that it explains in more detail. Make the start and end events of the detailed process match the preceding and succeeding events of the step in the superior process.

Best regards, M. Zschuckelt

Louise McDonagh posted on 2017-12-04

So how do you assign a model to a particular object?  I cannot find an option to do this.  Previously I was able to right click a symbol and select-and-link repository objects to it, but this option does not appear now.  Where do I find the 'assignment' option on the user interface for Aris Cloud Advanced?


M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-12-04

Hello Louise,

if you are working in the Web Client, you find a menu on the tool bar which carries a symbol resembling a chain. On mouse-over it says "Assignments". Open the menu and there is "Create assignment". Then you have to select the type of model you want to assign, e. g. Function allocation diagram. It is a good convention to leave the name of the model the same as the object you assign the model to.

If you are working in a fat client, in the context menu of the object you find "New > Assignment...". That opens a wizard, that let's you assign an existing model or create a new one.

M. Zschuckelt