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Creating a variable inside an EPC's function name

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by Victor Rampazzo in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-10-24


I searched in the forum and didn't find the solution for this:

I am building several EPCs of many products with similar structure. The thing that mostly changes among them is the name of the product, meanwhile the functions actions remain very similar to each other.

For example, I have a functions sequence of "download product A", then "open product A", then "change product A characteristcs".
In another EPC, I would have the same sequence, except the name of the product: "download product B", then "open product B", then "change product B characteristics".

Is there any way of creating a variable connected to a free text-box, or any attribute, and inserting this variable within the function's name?

In the cases quoted above, the functions sequence would be the same for both products: "download 'variable'", then "open 'variable'", then "change 'variable' characteristics". Moreover, within the EPCs I would have a different text inside a free text-box or attribute for each EPC, either "product A" or "product B", connected to the variable inside the function's names.

I am a new user in ARIS, so if you don't know also how to make this and have any tutorial that would help me developing that I would appreciate a lot!!! 

OR, another solution that would work is making a macro that substitutes all the text inside an EPC for another text. So I would create lots of EPCs with a generic name and then ru the macro for each one.

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Jorge Reyna R. posted on 2017-10-24

Hola Victor, buen día.

Lo podrías solucionar de la siguiente manera:

1. Crear el EPC con las funciones.

2. Llenar los Atributos de los Objetos del Modelo (en caso de que se trate de la misma información para los productos A, B, etc).

3. Hacer una copia del EPC, con los Objetos (Funciones) como Copia de Definición (ya que NO se tratan de la misma Función y en caso de cambiar el nombre afectarían a todos los Modelos donde existan -lo que ocurriría si se hicieran como Copia de Ocurrencia-).

4. Renombrar únicamente (intercambiar) la A por la B en los Modelos.

La otra posibilidad es mediante Copias Variantes, pero...


Atte. Jorge Reyna R.

Victor Rampazzo posted on 2017-10-24

Thank you for the response Jorge.

That is actually how I am doing right now. However I was thinking on this macro or variable to accelerate the process of creating the objects, because after creating a copy of the model, changing name by name of the objects is taking too much time! I would like to just press "ctrl + F" and substitute the words within the objects, but this functionality doesn't exist.

M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-11-01

Hello Victor,

apparently you have a class of products being handled by the same process. Why not use just one process "A" with the steps "Download product", "Open product", "Change product characteristic" for the whole class of products? In the Value-added chain for process A you define the "characterized product" as the output and in a product tree you define all the possible "characterized product A", "characterized product B" etc. as belonging to that class.

Imagine your process ever changed and you would be going about changing dozens (hundreds?) of process models... This way you change just one.

Regards, M. Zschuckelt