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ARIS 98 SR7 - How to define seperate DB for models for a seperate org

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by Rayudu Addagarla in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-10-30


 we have arius 98 sr7

 we have a big group of users and we have 3 databases design to relase.

but now we have a large group of users as net new and wondering if we can give them a completly different set of view

a brand new db , heirarcy , APG flow. existing users need not have that , and new users need not have access to current.

for the two user groups , it should be like two different aris isntances. but for admins and owners it is one ARIS instance.

any thoughts? or documentation or links to achieve this scenario


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Nikita Martyanov posted on 2017-10-31

Hello, Rayudu!

In my opinion there are 2 ways to solve the problem:

1) Create one more tenant for new users and their needs.
In this case you'll get almost two different ARIS instances but on the same server. It means that new tenant can have different configurations, users and ARIS methods.

2) Create separate ARIS DB.
In this case you'll just get new DB with the same ARIS methods, configurations etc, but you can configure access rights for different user groups.

BR, Nikita

Rayudu Addagarla posted on 2017-11-10


Can you send a link of ARIS9 and ARIS10 difference metrics,

 like comparing a car BMW 328i vs Mercedes C350 ,

like a tabular , new features list and compare what is available in 10 and not 9 etc.