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ARIS Process Guide (Demo App)

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by Ricarda Gallelli in ARIS BPM Blog posted on 2015-12-10

ARIS Process Guide (Demo App) provides your employees with the very process information and multi media data they need in a specific work situation. Location, work item, role or other context information determine scope and detail. Employees can scan the associated ID attached to the machine they need more information for. Afterwards they get detailed instructions, can review pictures assigned to the process step and learn via instructional videos. If they have still more questions how to perform their pending task successfully, your employees can get a list of involved roles and coworkers to contact or support. It is also possible to set a bookmark especially for important working steps or search for a specific process step. Interested Users can even open the process in ARIS Connect directly. ARIS Process Guide helps you to reduce training costs and to increase productivity of your employees. They get their training on-to-job and have all the information they need in any situation.

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