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Hi Members,

We are exploring the usage of the collaboration function and trying to get the following uses cases working. I'm also curious if some of you have experience with the collaboration and where it is used for.

Use case 1: following interesting models.

We have this of course working, but not being able to create multiple portal feeds at once. For example all models under the sales process.

Question: anybody being able to create portal feeds in mass?

Use case 2: post in specific group.

When models are published for a specific purpose in a project, and create a collaboration group, we would expect that if people comment to that group the comments appear in the group. The manual says that you also need to tie the portal feed to it. 

Question: Is it possible to get comments to a specific group without tying all the models in a project to it? Anybody have the same challenge and how did you solve this?

Thanks in advance.