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IT Landscape model in ARIS 10.0

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by Christian Seel in University Relations posted on 2017-10-18

Dear Community,

I always liked the IT landsape model (IT-Bebauungsmatrix in German) in the ARIS IT-Architect. I attached an old example model.

Is there a way to model IT landscapes in the ARIS Architect and Designer?

Best wishes,


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Rune Becker posted on 2017-10-19

Dear Christian,

We still have several models in the UMG database of ARIS 9 and ARIS 10. It's data is automatically maintained by macros when opening such a model.


kaab rustam posted on 2017-11-02

Dear Rune Becker,

I hop[e you are doing good. I am new user and I want to pursue some research and some expertise for ARIS. i am going to start it very soon. i unfortunately have no idea from where to start. I actually want to initially get the complete basic knowledge of ARIS. How it works and what are its components. then I want to pursue my work on reference models for Telekom Industry mainly and also for campus management systems. Please guide me few books so that I can cover my all these areas. I shall be so much oblidged to you. I am searching since few weeks and also posting time and again but i cant find somebody who can guide me a little about this. I shall be so much grateful to you in this  particular regard. 

Rune Becker posted on 2017-11-03

Dear Kaab,

The commercial ARIS products are meant for enterprise customers. Those customers asking not for books but for training courses to acquire product and method knowledge. We offer a ot of ARIS training courses on

I suppose your are a student. If so, please contact University Relations to check what are their options to guide you.


kaab rustam posted on 2017-11-03

Dear Rune Becker, 
Thanks a lot for your response. Yes I am student and I will follow your instructions. 

Have a nice week end.