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ARIS Connect – “Table” tab customization

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by Sere Le in ARIS in practice posted on 2017-06-07

Hi! I'm using ARIS Archictect and ARIS Connect in v.9.8 and I’m trying to customize view starting from the classical one.

From “Manage views/Fact sheets” it is possible to select fact sheets for each item defined. Specifically, for processes I can: select a fact sheet from a menu (overview, table, matrix, etc.), customize the “overview” tab selecting layout and the information to visualize. I can’t do the same with the “table” tab: is it possible to customize this tab directly from Portal administration?

I would to obtain for specific diagram (EPC, etc.) a “Table” tab with fixed columns or, as in the classic and default views, to permitt to viewers to insert columns from a shot list menu (reducing the list existing) and enable the order of functions only by “sort by process flow”. Can I obtain this configuration editing some properties in “Manage views” without changing the technical configuration (XML-files )?

Thanks in advance.


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Martin Schröder posted on 2017-07-06

Hello Sere Le,

a similar topic was discussed here.

The standard response by SAG representatives and support is: you need to buy the Portal Configuration Training to obtain the necessary documentation for the backend xml configuration sets of Connect.

I attended a course and had the same question: Can we set “sort by process flow” as a default for the table view?

Answer is: No, it would need a functional customizing, not only changing configuration set.

If you have access to SAG's online support system you can request the feature or support other user's feature requests.

Regards, Martin

Martin Schröder posted on 2017-08-15

Hello Sere,

meanwhile I tried some modifications on a Connect 9.8.7 installation.

Now "sort by process flow" is the default sort order for process model views Overview > activity list as well as for the Table view.

Regards, Martin