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ARIS 10 installation download terribly slow

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by Sheu Mapamba in University Relations posted on 2017-07-25

I have a broadband connection and my average download speed is 50MB/s but I can only get the ARIS client installer downloading at 80kb/s is there any way of accelerating the file download?

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Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2017-07-25

Hello Sheu Mapamba,

The ARIS 10 takes roughly 1 hour to download. We are currently working on ways to speed it up. Please be patient.




Hussain Karamali posted on 2017-11-28

There doesn't seem to have been any solutions to your slow download speed. And please do not lie, the download takes over 14 hours to finish at 125 KB/sec.

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Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2017-11-28

Hello Hussain,

We are very sorry that the download takes such a long time at your end.

Software AG designed and developed ARIS for its customers, and Software AG's University Relations department offers ARIS free of charge for education and research purposes. We are aware of the file size. But what you get in return is not a trial or demo version, but a full version with all the features and functionalities of ARIS.

The only investment that we ask from you is to be patient when it comes to the download time, whatever download speed your geographical location provides. It's a one-time investment to benefit from a full size market leading tool.

In the meantime we are investigating on ways to make your download faster. 

Thanks and Regards,