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connect licence automatically assigned to user in usergroup

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by Silje Hetland in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-08-11



I want to enable the following feature in connect


Whenever a new user logs in, it should be assigned a aris viewer license. 


I tried to do it the following way. Add a usergroup with name exactly the same as an LDAP group. Assign ARIS Connect viewer license to that group. 

Result: When I login with a user, it is imported from AD; but no license is assigned. It doesnt show as a part of the usergroup. 


Any hints? 

Kind regards,


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Rune Becker posted on 2017-08-11

Dear Silje,

That should basically work by assigning concurrent licenses to the user group.

I suggest to raise a support ticket to run down a check list why it didn't work in your case.


Silje Hetland posted on 2017-08-11

Thanks Rune. I already checked with support, but was thinking if someone has similar experience in the meantime while I am waiting for support. :-) 

Do you know if there is some settings to get more loginfo regarding this? I dont get any update at all in logfile.