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Restore Folder

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by Jim Smith in ARIS Cloud Support posted on 2018-02-07

User created new folder and copy/pasted models and content from another folder to new folder, then deleted the contents from the copy source. The models in the new folder open ok; however, all the functions, etc. to the model (that were copied over) are not appearing in the model.

Is it possible to restore to a previous version for a given folder? Not the entire database.

Or is there a way to reestablish the models relationships with the objects?



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Nikita Martyanov posted on 2018-02-07

Hello Jim,

Did you copy models only or all the objects too?

I think the best way is to restore database (if you have backup), make an xml export of folder (that you need) from restored database and then import that xml to productive database.

BR, Nikita

Christopher Schubert posted on 2018-02-07
Good day
I will definitely, do a database restore and then copy and merge the folder again into a new group.
STEP 1 :
In ARIS Architect on the Administration register, using the restore functionality. Select the server where the database must be restored and select the Restore database button.
The “Restore Wizard” will be displayed. The user can select the Backup file and determine whether to restore the database as a versionable or non-versionable database and press finish.
The database, will be restored on your ARIS.
The next step is go and find the folder under the database you just restored and right click on the folder and copy the folder with its objects.
Go to the new group you want to move this folder to and right click and paste it in the folder as a merge.
After the merge is completed, you can go ahead and delete the database you restored.
I hope this will help you.
Just make sure you copy the Model(s) and Object(s) otherwise this will happen again.
Kind regards,
Christopher Schubert


Christoph Lorenz posted on 2018-02-07

Hi Jim

I assume you have copied only the models but not the object definitions with the folders.

The folders can contain definitions of objects, in the model the occurences of the object appear.

If you delete the object definition, all occurences of this object definition in all models will be deleted.

I would suggest the following if you use ARIS Cloud Advanced

Restore a backup of your database

Use the "merge" feature to merge the deleted group from the backup to the current database.

Start again you copy "procedure" again and include the object definition


Jim Smith posted on 2018-02-07

Thank you Christopher and Nikita,

This is beyond my current expertise. We will have to recreate the models.

Q - when someone creates a new folder, then copies the entire contents from another folder, am I correct in saying that the new folder will only copy over the models and objects; however, will lose the connectivity between the model and objects (only within that folder). Otherwise, if the original folder wasn't deleted after the copy over, then nothing lost / nothing gained ... yes?



Christopher Schubert posted on 2018-02-07
Jim, please be so kind to forward me your email address.
I will try and pull up a step by step guide for you, showing you exactly how to restore a database and also do a "Merge" from one database to another without loosing your data when you delete the old folder.
I will gladly assist you in getting this right.
Kind regards,
Christopher Schubert
Christoph Lorenz posted on 2018-02-08

Hi  Jim

Yes. I can confirm. If you copy the whole content also the relationships between the object should stay