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Need Help for ARIS 9.6 to 9.8 upgrade

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by Suresh Kumar Pitcha Pillai in ARIS Cloud Blog posted on 2017-02-21


Currently We are using ARIS 9.6. We have been informed that EOM (End Of Maintenence) for v9.6 is 30-Apr-2017.

We are planning to upgrade it to latest version v9.8.

Could someone please guide me with the list of instructions and process to be followed for this upgrade ?




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Rune Becker posted on 2017-02-21

Dear Suresh,

Did you perform the ARIS 9.6 installation on your own or by Global Consulting Services of Software AG?

If you have a simple ARIS installation, sitting on just one computer/VM, and created by ARIS Design/Connect Server setup, you could update that way again via setup. Of course, it's recommended to back up your data first. Please see the ARIS Server Installation and Administration Guide for details.

In case you have an ARIS installation, and it's spanning across several computers/VMs, which is a so called multi-node installation, then I recommend to ask your local sales representative for an offer by Global Consulting Services.

If you intend to do update on your own, please follow the instructions provided in the ARIS Update Cookbook (on the ARIS DVD and on Empower), but be aware what the disclaimer of that document states: You need profound knowledge to handle such an update.


Suresh Kumar Pitcha Pillai posted on 2017-02-23

Dear Rune,

We are planning to upgrade it on our own in single server. Thanks a lot for your inputs !!