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Lost symbols

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by taktak tak in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-03-26

Hello community,

i have an urgent question: from one day over another AE doesn´t showe all symbols anymore (EPC) - only the last used ones (e.g. i don´t see "Person" or "Product" - haven´t used it so far.) iIdownloaded AE again, but the problem remained.  There are no settings in the options menu that help me solve the problem.


Can you help me? Thanks a lot in advance!!!



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taktak tak posted on 2010-03-26



just read the other articles regarding this topic. deleting the server folder didn´t work since AE couldn´t start anymore. but deleting all folders an re-installing solved it - so far...


taktak tak posted on 2010-03-26

Thanky anyhow

Thierry Caro posted on 2010-03-30

Hello!   I had similar problems.  It was obviously due to the Java runtime 1.6.0 update 18 (or several Java piling up).  After a downgrade to a single Java runtime 1.6.0 update 14, I never experienced problems again.