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Database space in ARIS Cloud Advance

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by Tarun Sharma in ARIS Cloud Blog posted on 2017-10-05


We are analyzing ARIS cloud advance and had one query regarding available database size in ARIS cloud advance. As per SAG, available limit is 500 MB.

For the starting, it is good to go, but as the work goes on, it may be possible that the database size will exceed this limit. In that case, do we need to upgrade to Enterprise edition or there is some other option also.

Anyone who is using ARIS cloud advance, please share your experiance on this.

Thanks in advance,

Tarun Sharma.

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Christoph Lorenz posted on 2017-10-06


500 MB ARIS base data i s a very large amount of data. In this case the use of ARIS Cloud Enterprise is recommended. To manage this amount of ARIS modeling data in a correct way it would make sense to use all ARIS features available with ARIS Cloud Enterprise.

It will be difficult to manage them with ARIS Cloud Advanced


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