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Excell file in Aris Architect and Simulation

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by VASILIKI AMARANTOU in University Relations posted on 2016-10-12

Hello, i am a PhD student and i am using the ARIS Architect (Educational Package) to crate a BPMN x2 Model in order to create a simulation of process flow in Emergency Department of a Greek Hospital. Our main aim is to insert to the process flow the time that each patient starts every event. I have an excel file with all the needed times from my research and i want to insert it in my Aris Architect BPMNx2 Model in order to make a simulation. How i can insert the file to the model and how can i connect each time to each event?The educational package provide such opportunity?

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Ralf Angeli posted on 2016-10-13

You can specify when and how often an event is happening with so-called Schedule models in ARIS. This only works for start events and is called process instantiation. The activation of events within the process flow depends on what happens before them in the flow and is therefore a result of simulation, not an input.

VASILIKI AMARANTOU posted on 2016-10-17

Thank you very much for your answer. I want to explain to you what exactly i want to create. I want to create the process flow of an emergency department of a hospital and create a simulation. For example there is the arrival of the patient, the registration, the triage, the examination,etc... For the process of examination, i got from the hospital's IT the time each patient enters the examination room. All of those times are in a excel file and i want to insert it to my BPMN model. i will run the simulation and find how many patients are served in one day. Then i will suggest some changes in the way the emergency department operates and run again the simulation in order to find if more patients are served during a day.

 Is this possible to be created and executed with Aris Architect (BPMNx2 Model)? Do have i choose wrong type of model? How can i make this happen?