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Reinstalling ARIS Agent

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by Willem Engelbrecht in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-05-09

Hi All,

We've encountered a problem at one of our client sites.

The ARIS v9.8 Agent running on Windows 2012 R2 server does not want to start.

When trying to run the ARIS Server Administrator, we get the error "ARIS Agent not running".

When looking at the services, it shows as Stopped, if you select Start service, it fails.

What will the impact be if we reinstall ARIS Agent?




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Rune Becker posted on 2017-05-09

Dear Willem,

Reinstalling an product without knowing the cause of its failure isn't likely solving your issue.

ARIS Agent is a wrapper/helper to get ARIS started as Windows service. Its log file in C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.8\server\logs\ARISCloudAgent.log could provide insight what went wrong when it Windows was trying to start ip up.

ARIS Agent also serves as "anchor" to get the actual ARIS product components installed, called runnables. You can use C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.8\support\collectLogFiles.bat to gather all log files from the ARIS runnables. The resulting ZIP file you could send via Empower/eService to Global Support ARIS to let them helping you to track down the root cause of your starting issue.


Willem Engelbrecht posted on 2017-05-10

Hi Rune,

Thanks for your response.

ARIS went down after maintenance was done on the clients' servers. We're not sure what exactly was done during the maintenance since it was done by a 3rd party company, and no-one wants to take responsibility for the problems.

I will download the log-files and send them through, thanks for the advice.