Wednesday, December 8, 2021 - 18:30

Most companies have started their digital transformation journey or have plans to begin the journey. However, an industry study shows that only 1% of organizations have their processes sufficiently under control to realize the full potential of digital solutions.

In this discussion, Dr. Mathias Kirchmer and Marc Vietor will discuss the elements required for a value-driven, process-led and data-based digital transformation that reduces the time-to-value and enables fast, well-informed decisions.

Key learnings:

  • Set the right priorities and target value for transformation initiatives
  • Transform in an end-to-end process context without boiling the ocean
  • Use process-related data efficiently to realize and sustain value
  • Leverage digital tools, like process repositories and mining tools, to reduce time-to-value


  • Dr. Mathis Kirchmer | Managing Director and Co-CEO at BPM-D
  • Marc Vietor | General Manager for ARIS and Alfabet at Software AG