Friday, October 9, 2020 - 09:30

With renowned #1 UK CX influencer James Dodkins, you will learn real life tips that you can directly apply in your organization to improve customer experience! Not only is the content of great value but James makes sure that the experience is amazing (even online)!

Going Customer-Centric is not the only success factor for great customer experience, you will need to capture current customer journeys, moment of truths, internal processes, and measures so you can improve! The digital breadcrumbs left by customer interactions are exactly what process mining uses to create maps of the processes involved.

With Software AG ARIS Process Mining SaaS, you can do just that, and you will see it live. Process mining becomes invaluable when combining digital transformation, customer experience, and process improvement. Process mining delivers the capabilities to link KPIs to business process execution and be in control of the way of working.

Insight into the process rather than merely the outcomes makes it possible to alter course if things threaten to go wrong in order to prevent risk, take measures to prevent future anomalies and ensure the company complies with regulation and conforms to policy.