Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - 16:00
This live online event was presented by
  • Sandy Kemsley, P.Eng., BPM Analyst, Kemsley Design Ltd. and
  • Eric Roovers, Vice President, Transformation Solutions, Software AG

Tune in to ensure your success! This webinar is for future-focused teams who want to learn how operational excellence impacts business and processes. Listen as Sandy Kemsley and Eric Roovers share best practices for your success.

What the experts are saying about process operational excellence:

"Long-term operational excellence requires a shift in the skills and mindset of both the knowledge workers and the organizations for which they work."
–Sandy Kemsley

“Enterprises urgently need to align their ways of working across functions, geographies, businesses and management layers!”
–Eric Roovers

Watch the webinar on demand and let us help you in your operational excellence journey.