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Know-how resources

Overview & Introduction

This section addresses ARIS newbies and BPM (Business Process Management) beginners. It contains articles, videos and additional content that helps you getting started with ARIS.


Here you’ll find all information that tells you how to document and align corporate strategy with business processes and IT.

Publishing, Contribution & Collaboration

This section is dedicated to the viewing of process information, fostered by the power of collaborative process improvement and the contribution of expertise even without process modeling skills.

Dashboards, Analyses & Reports

Learn how to analyze process information (such as time and costs) and see how to visualize KPIs and other data in a self-explaining, story-telling way.

Risk & Compliance

Learn how to implement and efficiently operate an enterprise-wide compliance and risk management system.

Process Mining

Here you’ll find anything you need to know about how to analyze process mining insights and view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of real executed process next to the designed processes.


This section contains all information related to the administration of ARIS (such as installation, configuration, user management and operations).

ARIS Express

ARIS Express is the perfect tool for occasional users and beginners in Business Process Management. In this section, you can download your free of charge copy of ARIS Express and access our free training material.

The BPM Glossary

The Business Process Management (BPM) Glossary collects links to articles explaining the most important terms in the context of BPM and ARIS.


The archive contains all articles, videos and other content related to previous versions of ARIS (such as ARIS 7 and ARIS 9).