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The “ARIS Education Package for Faculties | Multi-user private cloud” is a private cloud offer for faculty members. It contains everything you need to enrich your BPM course with a practical angle:

  • Full ARIS software with ARIS Connect, to be hosted in a private cloud by faculty:
    • 1 license for ARIS Connect Server
    • 99 licenses for ARIS Connect Viewer
    • 99 licenses for ARIS Connect Designer
    • 99 licenses for ARIS Architect + Extension Packages Simulation and UML Designer
  • Prepared lecture slides and exercise material

The Education Package is offered free of charge for education and research purposes for a term of 12 months and can be extended as required.

Here is how it works:

This offer enables you to host your own private cloud for all the students in your lecture. Students can get started within seconds. All they need is a standard PC and a browser of their choice. It allows participation from home, from campus or anywhere else. Your students gain hands-on experience in business process modeling and learn to describe complex business information in a logical and understandable way

The highlights of ARIS Connect at a glance:

  • Easy modelling enviroment
  • Sharing and editing content
  • Collaboration with a Community feature
  • Cloud-based software without much installation effort
  • Easy user and database management

We understand that requirements may differ from faculty to faculty. Therefore, we offer two options for your convenience:

Option A: You might want to install ARIS Architects (thin clients) on the PCs of your Faculty Lab, which can connect to the Server.

Option B: In case your Faculty Lab is not accessible, you might want to give permission to your students to download ARIS Architects (thin clients) directly from your Server and install it on their private PCs, which can connect to the Server.

There are plenty of useful recommendations and instruction in the documentation that comes along with the download file. However, please also have a look at the Know-how section. Regarding installation, configuration, user management and operations, it's highly recommended seeing the Adiministration videos

If not already done, register now in the ARIS Community as faculty member and download the “ARIS Education Package for Faculties | Multi-user private cloud” in the download section.


Need more information?

See our FAQ.

Please Note: this package is only available for faculty members.