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The “ARIS Education Package for Faculties | Multi-user private cloud” is a private cloud offer for faculty members. It contains everything you need to enrich your BPM course with a practical angle:

  • Full ARIS software with ARIS Connect, to be hosted in a private cloud by faculty:
    • 1 license for ARIS Connect Server
    • 99 licenses for ARIS Connect Viewer
    • 99 licenses for ARIS Connect Designer
    • 99 licenses for ARIS Architect + Extension Packages Simulation and UML Designer
  • Prepared lecture slides and exercise material

The Education Package is offered free of charge for education and research purposes for a term of 12 months and can be extended as required.

Here is how it works:

This offer enables you to host your own private cloud for all the students in your lecture. Students can get started within seconds. All they need is a standard PC and a browser of their choice. It allows participation from home, from campus or anywhere else. Your students gain hands-on experience in business process modeling and learn to describe complex business information in a logical and understandable way

The highlights of ARIS Connect at a glance:

  • Easy modelling enviroment
  • Sharing and editing content
  • Collaboration with a Community feature
  • Cloud-based software without much installation effort
  • Easy user and database management

If not already done, register now in the ARIS Community as faculty member and download the “ARIS Education Package for Faculties | Multi-user private cloud” in the download section.

Need more information?

See our FAQ.

Please Note: this package is only available for faculty members.