ARIS Education Package- Process Design & Analysis (PD&A) is the ideal package for business process management with focus on Process Design and Analysis. This package allows you to design, model and optimize business processes. ARIS Education Package PD&A is a database-based modeling software with automated modeling features and powerful modeling support. This allows you to create, analyze, manage and administer the whole enterprise model from strategy over business processes to information architectures, application landscapes and services.

This offer is designed to provide the easiest way to make ARIS available for education purposes at leading universities and business schools. It was developed to be used as a supplement to business process management lectures. ARIS Education Package PD&A can be used in a client-server environment. Faculty members can install ARIS Design Server on a host and allow several students to work at once. ARIS Design Server also serves as a database to manage Process Design and Analysis data.

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