Temos o ARIS 7.1 em nossa empresa, nela contas organograma, processos (EPC), diagrama de alocação de recursos (FAD) e VAC. Uma determinada unidade da organização deletou seus FAD sem querer ( mais de 3 mil atividades com relacionamento em toda a organização). Orientamos a refazer, pois atraves de uma consulta a base hostórica, porem, o ARIS desencadeou uma série de outros problemas como por exemplo afetar os relacionamentos do organograma com os processos e com as atividades de alocação de pessoal em toda a estrutura.

Gostaria de saber se existe uma forma de restaurar e deixar como estava ha uma semana atrás. Obs.: Temos gravado uma base histórica mensal, mas não de uma semana.

Se caso seja necessário recuperar atraves dessa base histórica, como fazemos isso? 

Acessamos o ARIS por Client instalado nas máquinas e compartilhado a todos os outros usuário por meio de servidor específico.


Muito obrigado!




We have ARIS 7.1 in our company, in it organizational chart, processes (EPC), resource allocation diagram (FAD) and VAC. A particular unit of the organization deleted its FAD unintentionally (more than 3,000 activities with relationship throughout the organization). However, ARIS has a number of other problems, such as affecting the organization's relationships with processes and personnel allocation activities throughout the structure.

I wonder if there is a way to restore and leave as it was a week ago. Note: We have recorded a monthly historical basis, but not a week.

If it is necessary to recover from this historical basis, how do we do this?

We access ARIS by Client installed on the machines and shared it to all other users through specific server.

Thank you!


by M. Zschuckelt
Posted on Fri, 01/04/2019 - 09:06


I probably do not understand your ARIS method well. I understand the org. unit in question has got a single FAD with more than 3000 relationships to activities in it? Usually you have one FAD per activity and an occurrence copy of the org. unit in each? So I assume you lost a single FAD model.

there are 3 options to recover your former state:

  1. In case just the model is lost, but no reorganization has happened yet (many customers reorganize nightly or weekly), you could recreate the FAD model, place an occurrence of your org. unit in it, select all 3000 relationships in the properties dialogue and make them show again in the model. Disadvantage: Then it is a lot of layout work to arrange 3000 objects again and your new model has got a new identity (GUID). That may or may not be important to know.
  2. If you use versioning you can recover from a former change list if you created one since last week (or at least since your last backup) that contained the model in question: Log in to the database with that change list, export the model from there and import it to your workplace again.
  3. The last resort is your one month old *.adb backup: Restore the backup to a different database name, export the model in question (XML export) and import it to your production database. (Maybe practice that with a copy of your production database first to become confident how that works.)

Please excuse this remark, it won't help you in the current misery: Consider shortening your backup cycle. Hardly anybody needs the "backup" function. But everybody needs "restore". ;-)


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