Hello everyone,
I'm writing a report that starts on a VACD model.
In the VACD there is a user-defined attribute called revision.
I need to show the value of this attribute in all versions of the model.
I found this code:
var vcomponent = context. Getcomponent ( "version ");
 var rlist = vcomponent. Getmodelrevisions (Oselmodel);
 for (var r = 0; r < rlist. Length; R + +) {
 var revinfo = rlist [R];
 var Avermodel = getmodelversion (Oselmodel, Revinfo. Getrevisionnumber ());

But I don't know if it's correct to access the revision attribute of version 1 of the selected model, revision attribute of version 2 of the selected model, and so on.
I'm using ARIS 10.
Can you help me, please?