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var g_bAssignedUsersOnly = true;

var g_nloc = Context.getSelectedLanguage();

var selGroup0 = Context.getSelectedGroups()[0];
//var newGroup = Explorer.createGroup( selGroup0, "A sub group" );
var oModel = Explorer.createModel(selGroup0, "Test Organizational chart",Constants.MT_ORG_CHRT);
Designer.openModel(oModel, false,false,false);
var objDef1 = Explorer.createObjDef (selGroup0, "Activity1", Constants.OT_ORG_UNIT, Constants.ST_ORG_PIC);
var objOcc1 = Designer.createObjOcc (oModel, objDef1, 144, new java.awt.Point(100,100));
Designer.setSize(oModel, objOcc1, new java.awt.Dimension(600,600));

var objDef2 = Explorer.createObjDef (selGroup0, "Activity2", Constants.OT_ORG_UNIT, Constants.ST_ORG_PIC);
var objOcc2 = Designer.createObjOcc (oModel, objDef2, 144, new java.awt.Point(230,120));
var cxnOcc = Designer.createCxnOccAndDefinition (oModel, objOcc1, objOcc2, 3, null, false );
var b = cxnOcc.getVisible();

Unsuccessfully trying to hide the CxnOcc. Please help me.

Thank you in advance for your answers