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Is there a setting somewhere which changes the sort definition in the data assignment settings?  My issue is that I have categories that I want to sort by, the field name is 'Aging category' and the content of this field is, for example:







Despite having numbers as content the field is defined as text so that I can group on them (count number of applicable records)

My output sorts as follows:

120,183, 270, 365, 5000, 90

Image is attached.

Any suggestions will be appreciated




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by Stephan Freudl
Posted on Thu, 09/01/2011 - 08:25

Hi Don,

yes, that's tricky. On the one hand MashZone requires you to plot your numbers as text - to have your categories on the x-axis. On the other hand MashZone sorts lexicographically, so 10 precedes values 2-9. As of today there is no way but insert trailing zeros manually. Once you have 01,02,...,10 it should be fine.



by Nico Engel
Posted on Thu, 09/01/2011 - 09:49


in the "Assign data"-dialog the sorting-mode of the X-axis is set to "Ascending" by standard, maybe you try to set it to "none"?!

With your test-data it works:



by Donald Dillon Author
Posted on Thu, 09/01/2011 - 14:36

Thanks for the feedback.

I solved the problem by adding 'leading zeroes', trailing zeroes would have changed my 90 into 900.

Eliminating the sort did not work.  Possibly because my data was not sorted in the datafeed.  I am taking several thousand records and filtering and assigning them to a category in the datafeed and this results in the datafeed not being sequenced before being presented.  It was worth a shot.



by Stephan Freudl
Posted on Thu, 09/01/2011 - 15:23

leading zeros, yes of course :)


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