I have quite a fundamental question in regards to filtertypes (i.e. the choice between a manual filter or a filter generated through a convention database).

Right now we are using ARIS 10. Background: ARIS is used within our organization as an Architecture repository.

Out of the "ARIS 10 box" comes a filter named: ArchiMate 3.0. This implementations comes very close to what we would like to use. In general our ambition is to fully support Archimate 3.0 which includes the full list of Archimate relation types.

Although not tested fully, I am under the impression that the Archimate 3.0
configuration is complete. The only customizations we prefer to have, will
only be done on the attribute level of the objects.

My question is: what filter type do you recommend?

By the looks of it, the implementation of ArchiMate 3.0 is provided in a manual filter, or at least that is what we have.

I am quite skeptic towards setting up a convention database as that would lead to:

- 58 symbol types * 58 symbol types * (approx.) 4 relation types ≈ 13456 relations to be put in a convention database. - These are then to be maintained through 24 viewpoints which multiplies the number of relations that I need to define.

What would you recommend in order to pick the right filter type? Use the existing filter and extend it, or do you still recommend building a convention database?

Up until now I haven't heart good arguments to use a convention database, and since the new Archimate 3.0 filter is a manual one my preference is to extend that one and reuse what is already there.

Perhaps I am overlooking ARIS-features that support me in creating a convention database. If so, please let me know.