we are using the ARIS Business Architect 7.1 and intend to automize the daily export of the models and therefor their import to the publishing platform. Of course we need a VBSkript file for that export, which is avaiable.

The question now is, if there is any possibility to filter the export so that the only models exported are the ones who have a status of "Published" or "Ready". I suspect that the Skript has to be changed somewhere here:


 ' select all Elements to export (in this case it's the root group of the database)
    ' choosing the Root Group
    XML.SelectExportItem Database.RootGroup.ObjectID(2)

    ' Setting the Export Options
    XML.SetExportOptions 0, 0, False, False, False, False
    ' doing the Export
    Dim bFileExport
    bFileExport = XML.DoExport(ExportFile)
    If (Not bFileExport) Or (Not bDBIsOpen) Then
        'WScript.Echo "Error during XML Export"
        WScript.Quit 1
    End If
    'WScript.Echo "XML Application could not being initialized"
    WScript.Quit 1
End If



I am not very experienced when it comes to Skript, i hope you guys can help me out here on what i should change in the text.

Thanks :)

Tags: export