Hello Aris Experts,

I have an issue in Aris (version 9) concerning the link between processes and Process groups.
It's a bit complex for me but I'll try to explain as good as I can.
And I hope you'll be able to guide me ;)

I have a series of processes:     W-10  ;   W-20  ....

In the "L1: Process Group Map", they are now grouped to the Process Group AB, instead of the group W.
It was not the case before.

(See attachment "ARIS: Level1)

When I try to link a process to the Process group W, nothing is happening: the link is not done but no error message.

In the "L0: Process Type Map", I cannot find the Process Group AB or W.

(See attachment "ARIS: Level0)

If I want to create a Process group with IP Code W; I have an error message telling me that it already exists.

(See attachment "ARIS: Level0_Add Process)


So at the same time, I cannot find it, but apparently it exists.


- Is there a way to add Process Group W in level 0 and "skip" the error?

- How to link the processes W-10:20... to the Process group W in level 1?



I understand it's difficult to give a solution without being in front of it, but if can already give me tips/advice, I would be grateful ;)



Thanks in advance,





Tags: ARIS